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Let’s discuss the face lift of the blood syndicate member BRICKHOUSE. Now originally or rather for the 1st year of the Syndicate series, Brick looked like   one of them old drawings of African Americans in comics and/or on cartoons.  

I  liked the original BRICK, I thought she looked just a tad bit  like a runaway slave, But I figured that was the look Cowan and Velez Were going for when they made the designs for Brick. As the series went on, the characters appearance began to change. BRICKHOUSE's features began to slowly change ( this could be due to the artistry of regular artist chriscross). brick began to become less rocky square like and more..shapely. this actually began once she got into a romantic relationship with one of her teammate’s. eventually the two began to get serious and started knocking the boots. 



BloodyPic Of The Week:

Illustrated by the Fan ROSS CAMPBELL ( MILESTONE FOREVER# 1 )

The Blood Syndicate is a multicultural gang street gang of superpowered metahumans operating out of Paris Island, in Dakota City. Most of its members received their powers in the "Big Bang", when a tear-gas laced with Quantum Juice was used to dispel a massive gang riot, killing many and unlocking the metagene in an elite and surviving few. Its members are compiled from the remnants of several other street gangs, including the Paris Island Bloods and the Force Syndicate, hence their title being a compilation of both names. The team has been through several changes since first coming together. Originally, the leader was now deceased member Tech-9, followed by Wise Son, then Holocaust, and finally Wise Son regains his status as HNIC of The Syndicate.

The Blood Syndicate was created by McDuffie, Cowans, & Velez Jr for Milestone Media and published by DC Comic


Previously on Blood Syndicte # 38 

 AFTER THE the fight between Oro and Third Rail for leadership of the Blood Syndicates’ away team, in which Oro defeated Third Rail; Wise sits in the Factory looking at the monitor within the conference room when he is confronted by Dogg?!?






Written  by Steve Reeves

artwork by Steve Reeves * Email us @



At The Factory, HQ of the Blood Syndicate...


Dogg: Bow Wow Wow Wise. What’s good?

Wise: W’sup Dogg. Where the hell you been at all day?

Dogg: Well you know me Wise. I had to take care of my b*tches. Where the hell is everyone at?

Wise: Well there’s a situation taking place Downtown Dakota by a couple of bang babies lead by HotStreak.

Dogg: Who the ruck is that?

Wise: Some loser, who attempted to start a Riot downtown in an effort to get Static’s attention. 

Unfortunately for him; Static is no longer in town. But luckily, I sent in Oro’s team to handle this. I figured, if a lil’ chump like Static can kick his @ss with no problem, than this should be more than easy for our crew.

Suddenly, Fade phrases through the walls of the conference room with some alarming news..

Fade: Wise, we got ourselves a situation taking place by the Phillie projects.

Dogg: Whaa..what are you doing here Fade?! I thought you’d be with the others.

Fade: Well Wise decided to makes slight changes to his original roster and...

Wise: NO FADE!! You DECIDED to make slight changes to my original roster. I said I wanted Fade as my second in command and I meant it. So if that means putting someone here and putting someone there to make him a member of this team, than so be it. But I’ll be damn if I continue to let muthaf**kaz do what the f**k they want long as I’m the leader. Clear. Fade: Crystal. You do know you're an @$$hole right.

Wise: You think? Well, thanks for the compliment. Now what the hell is going on? I saw something going on the Monitor. It didn’t register as super human activity so I was hoping the Police would handle it.

Fade: Well the reports it's a between two rival gangs, but according to the streets; its actually a shootout between a gang of drug dealers and a group of bang babies who attempted to rob them known as the Ruff Pack. I believe there have been a few casualties too.

Wise: K. let’s get the guys together and go handle that.

Fade: I contacted Nina and Boogie. Wise: What about Brick?

Fade: She’s still at the restaurant and will meet us in Ambler.

Wise: Okay. Dogg keep an eye on the monitor to see if anything else transpires and if the Away team returns before we do, just let 'em know we got this.



Downtown Dakota City: Another fight between Meta Humans is about to take place…


HOTSTREAK: Where are you Static?!? Come and fight me. Stop hiding like a f**kin’ punk. STATIC!!

Image result for hot streak static shock wiki

ORO: Hmm…I could be wrong but I don’t think Static is going to show up. Hopefully you don't mind fighting with us instead. Now you either stop this foolishness now or get a can of whoop ass courtesy of the Blood Syndicate.

Hotstreak laughs at Oro before responding. 

HotStreak: The Blood Syndicate?! You guys are a bunch of sell outs. Muthaf**kin’ jokers. I ain’t got no time for this. I’ll get Static one way or another.

HotStreak fires a blast at Oro, who is caught off guard but manages to dodge the blast but loses sight of Hotstreak. Oro immediately alerts his teammates.

Oro: Flashback. DMZ. I loss HotStreak. He’s moving at super speed. Flashback you got 6 o’ clock and DMZ, 9 o’ clock. Third and Maria continue to sweep the streets and keep an eye out for any other bang baby he’s working with. I’ll do an ariel surveillance for this Punk and see if I spot him anywhere.

FlashBack: Man. I’m really going to hate listening to this guy. Well what do we have here?!

Flashback spots Hotstreak running. As she attempts to swoop down to take him out, she is tackled by Talon, a human/bird hybrid, who is a member of Hotstreaks’ crew. 

She throws Flash towards the window of a skyscraper. Flashback: Screams “FLASHBACK!” as her back hits and cracks into the window. Going back three seconds in time, she avoids the crash, and flies directly towards Talon.

Meanwhile, DMZ catches a running Hotstreak, and stops him in his tracks. Hotstreak, fires a dual blast at DMZ. DMZ avoids the blast and charges at Hotstreak, who luckily catches DMZ with a blast that puts him on fire. As Hotstreak begins to laugh, he along with DMZ are dosed with water from Aqua-Maria.

Hotstreak, seemingly recognizing her asks ”... Maria is that you?!? I thought you had…”

Oro: I’d bet that "thinking" is really not your strong point Francis.

Hotstreak, now enraged, attempted to fire up but is shot by a solar blast by Oro. As Hotstreak attempts to shrug off the blast, he is knocked out by a power punch by Third Rail.

Almost immediately following Thirds’ knockout blow, FlashBack flies down with an unconscious Talon and throws her on the ground next to Hotstreak.

Oro: Great job team. I wonder how the others guys are doing.

FlashBack: Probably sitting down at the Factory...bullsh***ing.





Meanwhile on Paris Island: The street team confronts the Ruff Pack outside of the Phillie Project Crack-house. Wise along with Fade, Kwai, and Boogie enters the building to see several beaten and broken bodies of Drug pushers as well as some cops laying on the floor.

Hyde: Well, Well, Well!! If it isn’t the Big Bad Blood Syndicate here to save the day. Looks like you’re a little too late if you ask me Wise Son. Now if you guys think you’re going to stop us from leaving here with the money and drugs. I’ll be the first to convince you otherwise.

Wise: I guarantee you Hyde, That won’t be as easy as you think.

Hyde: How about I find out for myself?

Hyde throws a punch at Wise Son knocking him into a wall. As Boogie jump towards Hyde to attack, he is kicked by a leaping Kangor right thru a charging Fade.

Fade throws a series of ghost shots at Kangors’ head.

Kangor: Ah wah wrong wid dis duppy? Him no know he can’t touch mi…?! Argghh!! Ugghh!!

Kangor begins to feel the effects of Fades’ ghost shots as he receives a series of hits to the head. Fade, looks at Kangor as he takes a step back and trips over his own feet on the floor, and says “Gotcha.” with a smirk on his face. Kwai then walks over toward Kangor, stands over him, and kicks him in the face knocking him out.

As Wise and Hyde goes blow for blow towards the front of the building, Ferret and Boogie begins to fight in by the back. 

Boogie: You should just quit now Ferret. There’s no way you can win this. Kangor is out and Hyde is sure to be next. Besides, you’re completely out numbered here. Ferret begins to respond to Boogie advice to quit but is stunned to see the army of mice and rats that’s suddenly appeared. Ferret decides that maybe quitting isn’t such a bad idea, but running away is an even better idea. As he attempts to escape the building he runs into Kwai who hits him with her spear and a kick to the face knocking him out as well.

Boogie: Damn Kwai. Stop being greedy ( DMX voice) you coulda save him for me.

Kwai: I’ll make sure to keep that in mind for the next time.

Boogie: Riiiight.

Hyde: Seems I’m the last man standing. 


Wise: Not for long. Wise catches Hyde with an uppercut that knocks him on his ass and off his feet. As he begins to get up, He see a brick wall coming towards his head full speed. Hyde is unable to avoid the “brick wall” and is knocked down again except this time he can’t get up. Hyde mistook the Brickhouse fist for a brick wall being hurled at him. Seeing the Ruff Pack down and out leads Wise to praise his team.

Wise: Good job guys and awesome hit Brick.

Brick: I think we finally agree on something Wise. It was an awesome hit. Sorry I wasn’t here earlier.

Wise: Hey its cool Brick, you came just in time. Just in time. Oro’s team also kicked ass today. Which means; we got some celebrating to do. Now let’s go home and leave this mess for Damage Control.



The victories for both Syndicate teams receive media coverage resulting in the people’s increasing acceptance of the Blood Syndicate as heroes. Wise Son is seen on TV smiling as his plan to split the team into two to better protect the city seems like a success. While in the shadows; a mysterious figure watches the news report and laughs as the TV begins to turn into FIRE.










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