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Biography: The Demon Fox is a Chinese mystical being and emotional vampire who is awakened by John Wing, leader of the Demon Fox Tong, when he killed his wife in order to unleash the Demon Fox (this is in response to being humiliated by the Blood Syndicate after failing to kill them). The Demon Fox finally strikes & tears apart the Blood Syndicate, and brings up the darkest secrets of each Syndicate member. After defeating the group, the Demon Fox kills Wing after granting his wish. The Demon Fox then adopts the identity of Wings “long lost sister” Hanna Wing and takes control of The Demon Fox Tong (Former gang turn crime syndicate) as well as his daughter (who has now loss both of her parents). Following that the Tongs no longer were a force in the Coalition (an alliance of Dakota’s most powerful crime families.). Afterward, The Demon Fox is defeated by a newly-transformed Kwai (previously Nina Lam) who comes to the rescue of the Blood Syndicate. The Demon Fox dies in an all-out battle royale against Kwai and the 

Blood Syndicate. Kwai and the Demon Fox destroy each other..OR so we thought!!




    Leonard Smalls, Jr. is the illegitimate son of Dakota mayor, Thomasina Jefferson. 

    superhumanly strong pyrokinetic, Smalls left the Syndicate after a leadership struggle with Texador, and chose to abandon the small-scale world of gangs for the greater possibilities offered by organized crime.[11] As an initiation ritual, he was obliged to surrender something of great value to him: his name, and the reputation that came with it. Unable to call himself Holocaust, Smalls renamed himself Pyre. As Pyre, he created a team of super human enforcers called " pyres brigade" who battled the syndicate. as the coalition began to suffer major setbacks due to dakota's superheroes. pyre reforms a new Blood Syndicate of his own recruiting: Boogieman, Flashback, Mistress Death, Bad Betty, Fade, Tarmack, Bubbasaurus, and Rocket (who was undercover). with the new syndicate at his command, pyre attempts to become the most powerful coalition member amongst the crime families. Smalls then reclaimed his name - Holocaust. as the syndicate became known as a criminal organization bent on controlling all of dakota. former friend and syndicate member, Wise son  challenges holocaust for syndicate leadership. smalls seems to die in battle after wise son use his power to make holocaust vulnerbal to his pyro kinetic abilities and burns to death.


     mom is ruthless crimelord in charge of the Amber Cell of S.Y.S.T.E.M.  The S.Y.S.T.E.M. is a malevolent international conspiracy that collectively controls most of the civilized world. They are divided up into different factions or "cells" that operate separately, but meet together and are individually answerable to the whole. Although the leaders of the group are largely world power-heads, in practice they use soldiers known as SYSTEMatics, men in giant technological exo-skeletons, to carry out their agenda when it requires physical coercion.

      • Soul Breaker 

      • The Soul-Breaker aka Voodo Man is deadly disipicle of Voodo and Digital Technology. He is a criminally insane HoGun TechnoPagan whom the use of his voodo-tech has the power to drain a person of their individuality by controlling their mind, body, and soul as well as possessing their super human abilities and strenghts. Soul-Breaker is believed to be killed following a one on one confrontation with BrickHouse who felt he needed to be taught a lesson for trying to take away her happiness

      • Masquerade
      • MasQuerAde is a former member of The Blood Syndicate. He is a shapechanger able to assume the form of any animal (including humans). Masq was a woman who concealed her true nature from the rest of the Syndicate by transforming into an idealized male version of herself. He fled the Syndicate after reflexively stealing several thousand dollars from them. A brief encounter later failed to convince him the Syndicate had changed their ways, and he would not be killed for his betrayal. He returned in the guise of a resurrected Rolando Texador (Tech-9), hoping to be accepted as their leader. As leader, Masquerade was responsible for the Syndicate instigating the Utopia Park riot. Following his defeat along with The death of the Demon Fox by The Syndicate, Masque who is convinced The Syndicate will kill him, is free to go by word of Wise Son. Masquerade then disappears to an unknown fate as he hasn't been seen since his battle against The Syndicate.



    • Agent Scar is a biomechanical Bang Baby combining both organic tissue and technology. He also bears a scar on the left side of his face, a feature he had even before his transformation. It was this facial feature that earned him his alias. Agent Scar has a range of superhuman powers derived from his biomechanical form. The full extent of his power remains unknown.
        • Superhuman Strength: Scar possesses enormous physical strength , Superhuman Durability: Scar is also highly resistant to most of forms of mortal injury, Claws: Scar's claws on his hands and feet are extremely sharp and capable of tearing through reinforced concrete and solid steel with ease. The various spikes and blades covering his body are of similar composition, making them deadly offensive and defensive weapons as well. Electrokinesis: Scar's body can somehow generate a powerful electrical charge through his armored skin. At maximum voltage, his merest touch has proven capable of killing even beings with superhuman physiologies like the K'lumnii. Energy Projection: Scar can also project incredibly destructive energy blasts. Vulnerability to Electromagnetic Pulse: Like any electronic device, Scar's biomechanical form is quite vulnerable to powerful EMPs like those generated by Starlight.

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