With the lack of super heroes no longer living in Dakota, Wise believe this is the perfect oppurtunity for the syndicate to get the respect as Heroes. Wise decided to split the Syndicate into two field teams. One team would focus more on the Local threats while the "away" team will handle situations outside of Paris Island.       




      Real name: Miguel Medina

      Marital Status: Single

      Known Relatives: unknown

      Group affiliation: The Blood Syndicate (2nd leader)

      Former team affiliation: Dakota city police , shadow cabinet

      Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, midwestern US

      Eyes: Brown Hair: Black

      Powers: Miguel Medina is currently the leader of the Blood Syndicates away team. He can fly, project energy blasts  from his hands and eyes. oro can also produce blinding visual displays. Being an ex-policeman, he took some time to win the respect of the rest of the Syndicate, having to endure the nickname 'Oral' for some time.

      History: oro's a former police officer who survived the Big Bang as a member of the Riot Squad. After the Big-Bang, he was for a time a member of the Shadow Cabinet but was kicked out, and later framed for the murder of his ex-partner. After being framed for killing his own partner, Oro joined the Blood Syndicate as a last resort.  He subsequently sought refuge with the Syndicate and helped protect their territory.

        • DMZ 

      Marital Status: Unknown, probably single

                      Known Relatives: None

                      Group affiliation: The Blood Syndicate

        • 1993 SkyBox Milestone: The Dakota Universe #90 DMZ Front

      Former team affiliation: unknown, possibly the collective or the d’amsi intergalactic police force

                      Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, midwestern US

                      Eyes: Unknown Hair: Unknown

      Powers : DMZ is a large, powerfully built man. DMZ's powers are largely uncatalogued, although he has demonstrated superhuman strength, flight, invulnerability and sensory enhancement. His face has never been shown and he always wears a full-head red leather helmet with a flat riveted metal crest/eyepiece (an upside-down T) and a white panel over the mouth framed with two black whisker-like stripes

      Biography: DMZ is a human who teamed up with a member of the D'amsi police force when she chased a criminal to Earth. He was severely wounded saving her life, so she used her technology to optimize him, unlocking his full human potential. She left the Earth to chase the villain as he healed, promising to return for him.[ DMZ was one of the founding members of the Blood Syndicate, but it is unknown whether or not he is actually a Bang Baby (a survivor of the Big Bang). His uniform is a variant of the one worn by the police force of the Cooperative, the interstellar civilization that Icon came from. He also seems familiar with the alien language of the Collective.. His actions in regard to his possible alien heritage are mixed. He often spends his nights swinging a beacon around on top of a local suspension bridge, hoping to attract the attention of extraterrestrials.


      1993 SkyBox Milestone: The Dakota Universe #87 Flashback Front

      real name: Sara Quinones

      Marital Status: Single

      Known Relatives: Carlos Quinones, Sr. (Father), Mr. Quinones (Uncle), Carlos Quinones, Jr. (Brother)

      Group affiliation: The Blood Syndicate

      Former gang affiliation: force syndicate

      Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, midwestern US

      Eyes: Brown Hair: dark brown 

      Powers: Flashback has heightened durability and strength. She can fly and can travel back in time three seconds, an ability she uses to change the past. It is unknown if she can individually travel three seconds back in time and/or make someone individually go three seconds back. Flash considers herself responsible for the welfare of the Syndicate as a whole because she has witnessed (and reversed) their deaths and severe injuries on multiple occasions. Flashback‘s power (as well as her blood relation) for some unknown reason  keeps fade anchored in her timeline. if flashback was too die, disappear or loss her powers, her brother fade, would ultimately fade away into another timeline.

       Biography: Flashback was one of only a handful of people to survive the the massacre of the Big Bang. After the incident she gained superhuman powers and banded together along with her brother Fade and many more “Bang babies” to form the Blood Syndicate. For a while she dated teammate and then leader Holocaust. Because of the nature of her power she was used as a fail-safe for her teammates when in hectic situations. If anyone was mortally wounded she would travel back in time and prevent them from dying. Over time however this took a tole on her psyche since she had memories of all her friends  being horrifically killed. To compensate for the nightmares which haunted her she turned to crack cocaine use. When Holocaust left the team she remained with her friends under the leadership of Wise Son. After Holocaust returned and lost his challenge to Wise son for leadership , she continued to follow Wise son. During holocaust blood reign, she became friends with Rocket who helped her kick her drug addiction. 

      She is the inspiration for the character Nina Crocker/Time-Zone, in the animated series Static 


      Third Rail

      Real Name: Pui "Po" Chung
      1993 SkyBox Milestone: The Dakota Universe #83 Third Rail Front

      Marital Status: engaged (brickhouse)

      Known Relatives: father (deceased)

      Nationality: Korean

      Former gang affiliation: demon fox tong

      Group affiliation: The Blood Syndicate

      Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, midwestern US

      Eyes: Black Hair: Black


      Powers: Third Rail is a former member of the Demon Fox Tong gang. After the Big Bang, He gained the ability to efficiently complete energy transfers from any source. Third is able to absorb any form of energy and use it to grow in size and strenght. Punch him and he becomes as strong as you. By absorbing the power in the subway's third rail, he takes on an enormously powerful stature. However, toe-to-toe on a desert island, Third Rail would only be about as strong as his challenger.

      Biography: Third Rail is a Bang Baby, a gang member who received superhuman powers in the wake of the Big Bang. His involvement in gangs lead to his father suffering from a fatal stroke and his family breaking all ties with Pui. With no where else to go, he retreated to an underground warren in the abandoned Paris Island section of the Dakota City Subway System. There he claimed to be the protector of the homeless. He was later  befriended by Dogg, who introduced him to Tech-9. Third is a founding member of the Blood Syndicate.During his time with the Blood Syndicate Third Rail began a romantic relationship with Brickhouse. The two even left the gang for a while during a dispute over Wise Son's leadership and began a fast food restaurant.  both returned to the team not too much later as reserved members.

    • Aquamaria

      Alter ego: Maria Molina1993 SkyBox Milestone: The Dakota Universe #92 Aquamaria Front

      Marital Status: Single

      Known Relatives:  an unnamed aunt

      Group affiliation: The Blood Syndicate

      Former gang affiliation: Sociedad de la Cruz 

      Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, Midwestern US

      Powers:  Aquamaria's entire body is composed of water, which she can control. She has substantial control over water in all its forms: she can induce tsunamis and geysers, and shape near-freezing vapor into ice sculptures. This liquid form can survive trauma as great as being vaporized and recondensed. Aquamaria can also control water outside of her body, liquid or frozen,and can move quickly through other bodies of water. she exhibits all the properties of water - for instance, she has survived evaporation and recondensation.

      Biography: Maria survived the Big Bang while floating in the (fictional) James River; as a result, she was transformed into "living water”.  She joined the syndicate after her aunt and family members decided not to associate with her when she became a bang baby. She initially only spoke Spanish but seemed to have learned some English since her first appearances. Maria did not get along with flashback but has since become a very valuable friend and team member

    • The character was renamed "Aqua-Maria" when she appeared in the animated series Static Shock

      • Dogg

      1993 SkyBox Milestone: The Dakota Universe #91 Dogg Frontreal name:  dogg

      Alter ego: "Sparky" Texador

      Marital Status: Single

      Known Relatives: Rolando Texador a.k.a. Tech-9 (owner, deceased)

      Group affiliation: The Blood Syndicate

      Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, midwestern US

      Eyes: Brown Fur: Brown

      Powers: Originally Texador's pet dog, Dogg gains human-level intelligence and speech, while remaining a dog in shape, personality, and abilities.  he became a valued member of the team despite his size and shape. He was allowed a spot at the table and listened to, just like anyone else. When Pyre formed his own Blood Syndicate, Dogg was one of those who rejected the offer to join. Dogg currently has a very close relationship with wise-son.




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