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Hello EreOne. Here's another one of my annoying blogs getting @ the New DCU 52 for their mistreatment of the Blood Syndicate. Now DCU and Jim Lee can act as if the Syndicate never existed but we all know the saying " Action speaks louder than words" and the action in the recent Justice League storyline " A Villains Journey" don't just's hollering. I feel as though, Geoff John knew what the hell he was doing when he put out this arc. Now you readers may feel like I'm bugging out and there's really no similarities between The Blood Syndicates battle with the Demox Fox and The Justice Leagues battle with Graves. But you can't deny the obvious. For starters...#1) The Demon Fox story arc came out waaaaayyyy before Graves did. The Graves character is almost 20 years younger than Demon Fox and look at the similarities in their appearance. White skin, red eyes, an evil grin, and claws. It shouldn't be too hard to see who copied who.


 Now on to the #2) reason I believe that Justice League cloned Blood Syndicates Demon Fox arc is another co-winky-dink. Kwai as well as the Demon Fox both originate from the Kingdom of Kwen Lun a place that just happens to have a  welcome door mat outside of a cave in Mount Sumeru. The same Mount Sumeru that David Graves also visited to meets the gods of legend and become a vengeful and powerful entity of his own. I suppose that's just a coincidence as well huh? Look at the pics below and see both Kwai at Mount Sumeru and Graves fighting the league while he flashbacks to his time at Mount Sumeru.

Now I know that may not be convincing enough for some of the readers of this blog. But here is my # 3) reason for my beliefs that justice league jacked the syndicate on the sneak tip!! Now...The Demon Fox is an mystical being who defeated the syndicate when he began to f*ck with their minds and make them see their past sins, fears, secrets, and failures. In the Justice League “Graves” basically did the same thing to beat the JL during the Journey storyline, he used his powers to mess with their heads, making them see the things that the loved, loss, and their failures. Co-inky-dink...I thinkst naught!! If you take a look at the pic below you will see that after the Demon Fox attacks Wise Son he appears to become half dead/drained.

Now if you take a gander at the picture below you will notice that Super-Man appears to be half dead/drained after feeling the wraith of Graves. Coincidence..?! I thinkst naught.

Now on to my 4th observation of Graves seemed to have it in for the Justice League as a whole. Buttttt....if  you really paid attention to that story the only member of the League to have the worst done to her was Wonder Women. It was her ex-beau who got his @ss whupped and tortured and ridiculed throughout this arc. Also in the issue # 12, Graves tells the League he has pity for the others but has HATE for Wonder Women and attempts to kill her.

This potential arch nemisis of WW as well as their brief fight sequence in which Wonder Woman plans to kill Graves is nooottt quite but similar to Kwai and the Demon Fox brief bout during the Demon Fox storyline.

 I don't really expect everyone to see where I'm coming with this but...As i stated before..."I think Ivan Velez Jr. should get some royalties for people jacking his ideas". But that's just my opinion on it. I will further elaborate on DCU 52 sh*tting on Milestone characters in the next blog. PEACE !!


Bloody Pic Of The Week:

Illustrated by the Legendary John Byrne ( Blood Syndicate # 15 )

 The Blood Syndicate is a multicultural gang street gang of superpowered metahumans operating out of Paris Island, in Dakota City. Most of its members received their powers in the "Big Bang", when a tear-gas laced with Quantum Juice was used to dispel a massive gang riot, killing many and unlocking the metagene in an elite and surviving few. Its members are compiled from the remnants of several other street gangs, including the Paris Island Bloods and the Force Syndicate, hence their title being a compilation of both names. The team has been through several changes since first coming together. Originally, the leader was now deceased member Tech-9, followed by Wise Son, then Holocaust, and finally Wise Son regains his status as HNIC of The Syndicate. 


Blood Syndicate created by Dwayne Mcduffie,Denys Cowan, & Ivan Velez jr. 1993 © Milestone Media and published by DC Comics


COMING SOON: Blood Syndicates' UNTOLD ORIGINS and see how Wise, Tech, and Holocaust became Gangbangers.

Previously on Blood 


Wise Son and Holocaust have a one on one fight to determine who would be in charged of the reformed Blood Syndicate. While it appeared that Wise was getting his @ss whupped. He eventually wins the fight by using his power and making Holocaust vulnerable to the point that Holocaust burns himself to death. Though it remains to be seen if Holocaust actually died, but to all that are present, it sure as hell looked like it. Now Wise Son is once again their leader and he has some ideas to bring his family to the light away from Holocaust's fire...





 Written by Steve Reeves


artwork by Steve Reeves * Email us @

Weeks after Wise Son defeated Holocaust to regain leadership of The Blood Syndicate,  He recieves a call from the newly elected Mayor of Dakato City asking the Syndicate leader to join him to discuss ways to have the Blood Syndicate protect the city from the dangers of deadly and powerful "bang babies". Though Wise is relucant to attend anything with authority, he decides to go to Dakota City and have a sit down with the mayor in City Hall.


During his sit down with the Mayor, the two men talks about ways to get the Syndicate viewed  as heroes. The Mayor suggest releasing a statement in reference to the Syndicate working on the right side of the law as enforcers of Justice. Though Wise agree to this, he tells the Mayor he would prefer  the Syndicates new "war on crime" be without the restraints and limits of doing everything by "the book". He promises that no villain and other adversaries would be killed...unless absolutely necessary. 


The Mayor agrees with Wise and offers his full support in attempting to change the public's opinion of the Syndicate from super powered gangers to a force of good. Wise Son, who once disregarded the law, is honored to be heavily assisted by newly elected Mayor Augustus FreeMan and promises the Syndicate will protect the city of Dakota by any means necessary.


Along with his statement, Mayor Freeman will also issue a pardon for the Syndicate of all past crimes due to their actions such as putting an end to the riots of Utopia Park as well as infiltrating and taking down Holocaust "Blood Reign" criminal organization. Now in agreement, the two shake on it.



 The Mayor also got in contact with Alva Industries CEO Curtis Metcalf to do some tech work for the team including new uniforms and updating the Computer system in the Factory. A day after the statement's released; Wise Son sends the word out and organizes a meeting at The Factory for all Syndicate members to attend.

Wise along with Fade host the meeting. He tells the rest of the Syndicate members about plans to help protect Dakota from all criminal activities whether metahuman/Bang Baby or not.

Those in attedance includes AquaMaria, Brickhouse, DMZ, Dogg, Flashback, Kwai, Oro, and Third Rail.  Fearing the safety of the citizens and more importantly the youth of Dakota and Paris Island, Wise explains the urgency in getting this done to his teammates. Wise believes with Static no longer living in Dakota and Icon being more involved in intergalactic dangers with the Justice League, this is the perfect oppurtunity for the Syndicate to get their respect as Heroes. During the meeting Wise tells the others his decision to break the Syndicate into two teams.


 One station in Dakota and another on Paris Island. Wise creates a team of more hands on/up close and personal members ( Kwai, Third Rail, Boogie Man, and AquaMaria). He then promotes Fade as second in command and field leader of the more ariel team ( Flashback, Oro, Dmz). Brick and Dogg are to remain as reserved members only and protect the Factory from any enemy threat. Wise team is the Moon team, They will protect the Dakota as a whole. Fade's team is called the Sun team, and they main focus is Paris Island. Due to their ariel powers, They can fly to assist their "away" teammates whenever necessary. Wise also incorporates his Sister Cornela and his son Edmond whenever need because of their teleporting powers. Now with everything seemingly in place...Fade makes his first official act as leader of the Away team, he decides much to EVERYONE's surprise, he doesn't want to be a leader of any team and promotes Oro as the new Away team leader.







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