BLOODSYNDICATE.COM  presents the FAN ART of The Blood Syndicate. This page will showcase the art work of Blood Synicate fans world wide. Over the past few months I've been going online and looking at some of the illest fan artwork of The Syndicate and the variety that i've seen is amazing. I view myself as one of the biggest Synidicate fans ever and you can see my dedication to the Syndicate by my many illustrations which you we can see below. I will showcase other fanz work over the next few weeks. If you're interested in sending us you're Blood Syndicate art email us at

BLOOD SYNDICATE: DMZ by chizel man


BLOOD SYNDICATE  by abdul musawwir 

BLOOD SYNDICATe by abobarin ayoade

blood syndicate ii by abobarin-ayoade


Click  here for more bLOOD SYNDICATE fan art

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