·         THE VILLAINS



 The Demon Fox is a Chinese mystical being and emotional vampire who is awakened by John Wing, leader of the Demon Fox Tong, when he killed his wife in order to unleash the Demon Fox (this is in response to being humiliated by the Blood Syndicate after failing to kill them). The Demon Fox finally strikes,tears apart the Blood Syndicate, and brings up the darkest secrets of each Syndicate member. After defeating the group, the Demon Fox kills Wing after granting his wish. The Demon Fox then adopts the identity of Wings long lost sister Hanna Wing and takes control of The Demon Fox Tong (Former gang turn crime syndicate) as well as his daughter who loss but parents . Follwing the Tongs being no longer were a force in the Coalition (an alliance of Dakota’s most powerful crime families.). Afterward, it is defeated by a newly-transformed Kwai (previously Nina Lam) who comes to the rescue of the Blood Syndicate. The Demon Fox in an all-out battle royale against Kwai and the Blood Syndicate - Kwai and the Demon Fox destroy each other..OR so we thought!!




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